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Our mission is to put an electric vehicle charge

At SytiqHub EV, our mission is clear: to revolutionize the way electric vehicles are charged and make sustainable transportation accessible to all. We firmly believe that by building a robust electric vehicle charging infrastructure, we can accelerate the global transition to clean and efficient mobility.

We understand that the success of electric vehicles hinges on the availability of convenient, reliable, and accessible charging solutions. With our expertise and passion for sustainable transportation, we are committed to creating a network of electric vehicle charging stations that spans cities, highways, and communities.


Research & Development

Sytiqhub, a renowned manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) batteries for two and three-wheelers, stands proud with their cutting-edge technology and meticulous research. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their rigorous testing process, where every lithium ion cell is meticulously examined for correct voltage and current levels. By prioritizing precision and accuracy, Sytiqhub guarantees optimal performance, longevity, and safety in their batteries. With a focus on energy density, their batteries offer extended range and consistent power output, delivering a seamless and enjoyable riding experience. Sytiqhub's dedication to innovation and quality ensures that EV owners can rely on their batteries for efficient and reliable transportation solutions.